Cabling Solutions for your Business

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It takes a lot of work to open a new company, start up a new business or update an existing infrastructure.

You worry about everything from needs assessment and surveys to specifications as well as a telephone and network cabling solutions. Then there’s project management, code inspections, logistics and more.

At Teleco South Florida, we specialize in infrastructure design and implementation. Our certified technicians are able to assess your new or existing location and plan the layout of all your cabling to support any new system you are deploying. From retail, single sites to multi-location chains all will work together with a simple upgrade of your existing telephone and network cabling. We do it all!

Whether voice, data, Internet or video, the technologies used to communicate today have one thing in common… cable! We recognize that superior communication depends on the quality of the cabling infrastructure. Teleco South Florida specializes in the highest quality installation of all forms of certified voice and data cabling including Category 5E, Category 6, Fiber-optic, buried, aerial and wireless networks.

We begin each cabling project by defining the specifications required to maximize the speed and integrity of the network. We install reliable cable networks to ensure low maintenance and to maximize limited space. Teleco South Florida specializes in completely managing your cabling project from conception to completion for a seamless handoff.

Our experienced technicians are qualified in the following areas:

  • Standard Horizontal Office Cabling
  • Multi-Floor / Vertical / Riser Cabling
  • Outside Campus Buried and Aerial Cabling
  • Sub-Floor Cabling
  • Server Room Design and Cabling

Faster Installation

Our cabling products are engineered for quick plug-and-play installation and our modular cabling systems allow for easy re-configurations.

With our modular power and network cabling systems, you get high-density, factory terminated, tested and certified cable assemblies that are:

  • NEC Approved
  • UL Listed
  • Lead-Free
  • “Green”


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