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Email communications are essential to today’s business success. At Teleco South Florida, we realize this importance and offer a solution to secure your company’s email while providing 99.999% up-time and constant availability no matter where your employees may be located. Our hosted email solution is both cost-effective and efficient and we can quickly move your critical email accounts from any existing email platform.

The average cost of IT downtime to a business is nearly $150,000 a year!

On-premises downtime is on average 99.7% or over 1000 minutes a year

  • Natural disasters
  • Power outages
  • Maintenance to servers
  • Outages on the weekend or after business hours

As email trends continue to climb, so does business value

The Radicadi Group, Inc. Email statistics report 2015 – 2019

“45% of email contains real business value”
– Gartner“…email contains in excess of 80 percent of the business-critical content for an organization, such as attachments holding trade secrets and other types of confidential information.”
– Frost and Sullivan

82% of US businesses will be involved in some type of litigation and 45% of email data stored in email provides some business value

  • Costs associated with litigation can be hundreds of thousands. Even for non-regulated industries
  • If you can’t prove email hasn’t been tampered with – the courts won’t accept it as evidence
  • Regulations like HIPAA, FINRA and SOX require companies to store data for 2-7 years
  • Compliant data retention can be expensive
The SEC recently fined a company $75,000 for not establishing outlined requirements before the breach

With Teleco South Florida’s Email Solution

  • High-levels of reliability
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Complete intellectual property protection
  • Simpler disaster recovery and business continuity
  • No imposed or implied mailbox quotas

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