Security and Surveillance

In these times, we simply cannot take our safety lightly. We must always take good care of both our homes and offices ensuring the protection of our personal belongings as well as employees and family. With our security and surveillance solutions you can rest easily at night knowing we’ve got your back and we’re on your side. Why not give us a call today and see if we may have the exact type of solution you may be looking for.

Card Access Systems

Paxton BLU – Complete Capabilities & Applications Overview

A cloud based access-control-as-a-service (AcaaS) solution, for outsourcing security, using IP and GSM connectivity with web browser administration for the North American market.

A GSM access control system with client/server central management software designed for access control for multiple customers, sites and doors offering the opportunity to manage and monitor all sites from a single remote location, your office.

Each controller with integrated GSM/GPRS modem supports two doors. The system works with Paxton PROXIMITY and TOUCHLOCK readers and keypads and Net2 and Switch2 PROXIMITY tokens.

Access control can now be added to remote sites using GSM. Solar panel and battery operation is possible providing a solution without the need for cables.

Installers can now offer a managed service to their end users who now no longer require a PC or trained staff on-site or engineer visits to make changes. The use of the mobile network allows these systems to be installed and connected immediately without delay. PCs and IT connectivity are not required on site.


Surveillance Systems

Perfect View

Security-Surveillance perfectview video Want to monitor activities at multiple locations?
Need to decrease or eliminate theft?
Wish you could monitor (and record) your employees’ behavior at all times?
  • Theft increases as the economy worsens…protect yourself!

    Whether it’s your employees or “customers” you will know immediately when we install cameras directly over cash registers, outside dressing rooms, in warehouses, at doors, etc.

  • Have multiple locations? Is productivity down?

    Whether you’re at home or on vacation, you can access cameras at all your stores/locations from your computer. Monitor your employees’ behavior and even listen as they interact with customers. You could even train a new employee from afar!

  • Are your costs up and you can’t figure out why?

    Video surveillance will show if employees are costing your company excess money. You’d be surprised who’s stealing from you, leaving the office when it’s not a break time, or simply sleeping during office hours! (Not to mention who dinged your car door this morning.)

  • Break-Ins

    When someone has broken in, unless the intruder leaves a trail, there is little for police to go on. With cameras installed, license plates and faces can be recorded and handed over to law enforcement.

  • Deterrent

    Cameras in plain site will often deter a would-be thief from doing the deed. Also, employees who know they’re being monitored are far less likely to color outside the lines.

Alarm Systems



Trusted by Millions

More than 2 million people choose Alarm.com to protect their homes and businesses.

Alarm.com is engineered for security. Using the most reliable and secure communications and advanced tamper-resistant technology, you can rest assured that your home and business will stay protected.

 Dedicated Connection

Keeping your family and home secure is Job 1. Alarm.com is designed to work when you need it most. Unlike other systems that piggyback on your cable or phone connection, Alarm.com systems have their own dedicated, reliable cellular connection.  Internet or broadband down? No problem. Power Outage? We’ve got you covered with battery backup. Phone line cut? Not an issue. You can count on reliable, uninterrupted protection.

 What People Are Saying

“Peace of mind is priceless.” “Its why my dogs are alive today.”


PowerSeries Neo

PowerSeries Neo –
The Next Generation in Security Systems

PowerSeries Neo captures the flexibility of a modular, hardwired system with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals, resulting in a ground-breakingly comprehensive and versatile hybrid system suited for small business structures through to large-scale commercial applications



Security-Icon The IQ Solution includes all the standard devices you expect from a traditional home security system, as well as a few new items that can really add to the level of protection you enjoy. These devices communicate directly with the IQ Panel and can inform you of their current status, any problems, and of course, intrusion detection on the panel or from any mobile device using Alarm.com’s powerful communication technology.
IQ-Mini-1 The IQ Mini is a powerfully small door/window sensor that can be placed almost anywhere.
The IQ door/window is designed to be attached to the outside of any door or window. With a five year battery life and a slimmer form factor, Qolsys has improved upon another industry standard. device_IQDoor_zoom
device_motion_zoom The IQ Motion is designed to be your last line of defense. If an intruder manages to get past your other sensors, he cannot escape the IQ motion! Programmed to detect infrared heat in bodies over 40lbs. Typically installed pointing AWAY from windows (to reduce false alarms) the IQ Motion has a range up to 35 feet* The IQ Motion can be installed two different ways: to cover an entire room from floor to ceiling or in a “pet sensitive” position, allowing animals under 40lbs to pass under the beams without triggering the alarm.

*They cannot “see” though walls or doors

The Image Sensor is a motion sensor with a built in still camera. The motion sensor has a range up to 40′. Like the motion sensor, it can be installed for pet sensitivity, reducing the risk of a false alarm in homes with pets, but it also has the unique ability to take still photographs.

If the alarm is triggered the Image Sensor will automatically take pictures and send them to your panel and your mobile device. You can also choose to “Peek in Now” or “Next Motion”.

device_glass_zoom The IQ Glass is specially designed to protect windows. Triggered by the pitch and frequency of breaking glass, they are effective within 25′ of the windows. They are typically mounted on the opposite wall or above windows on the ceiling.

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