Security Solutions from Qolsys

Qolsys Security The IQ Solution from Qolsys includes all the standard devices you expect from a traditional home security system, as well as a few new items that can really add to the level of protection you enjoy. These devices communicate directly with the IQ Panel and can inform you of their current status, any problems, and of course, intrusion detection on the panel or from any mobile device using Alarm.com’s powerful communication technology.
Qolsys IQ Mini 1 The IQ Mini is a powerfully small door/window sensor that can be placed almost anywhere.
Qolsys device IQ Door The IQ door/window is designed to be attached to the outside of any door or window. With a five year battery life and a slimmer form factor, Qolsys has improved upon another industry standard.
Qolsys device motion The IQ Motion is designed to be your last line of defense. If an intruder manages to get past your other sensors, he cannot escape the IQ motion! Programmed to detect infrared heat in bodies over 40lbs. Typically installed pointing AWAY from windows (to reduce false alarms) the IQ Motion has a range up to 35 feet* The IQ Motion can be installed two different ways: to cover an entire room from floor to ceiling or in a “pet sensitive” position, allowing animals under 40lbs to pass under the beams without triggering the alarm.

*They cannot “see” though walls or doors
Qolsys device camera The Image Sensor is a motion sensor with a built in still camera. The motion sensor has a range up to 40′. Like the motion sensor, it can be installed for pet sensitivity, reducing the risk of a false alarm in homes with pets, but it also has the unique ability to take still photographs.

If the alarm is triggered the Image Sensor will automatically take pictures and send them to your panel and your mobile device. You can also choose to “Peek in Now” or “Next Motion”.

Qolsys device glass The IQ Glass is specially designed to protect windows. Triggered by the pitch and frequency of breaking glass, they are effective within 25′ of the windows. They are typically mounted on the opposite wall or above windows on the ceiling.


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