Thank you for choosing Teleco South Florida

A Letter from our President

On behalf of Teleco South Florida, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to become your business solutions partner. We have earned our reputation as a premier provider by concentrating on the long-term needs of our customers. This means anticipating the technological and support issues which face our business community on a regular basis. We see these issues as:

  • Selecting the best solution available today
  • Protecting your investment against changes in technology
  • Delivering quality – on time and on budget
  • Making “best in class” service available, robust and affordable
  • Providing experienced industry professionals to assist in any voice, IT, video conferencing or surveillance requirements which may arise.

I assure you that our discussions with your staff, our system design sessions and the proposal that follow this letter are all focused on one thing – meeting the technology requirements of your organization.

Business technologies are changing on a regular basis throughout each area in the industry. When contemplating decisions regarding your business telephone solution, IT services and support services along with security concerns you may have very difficult decisions to reach. At Teleco South Florida, we make that process a little easier. Our experienced engineers are constantly researching new and improved technologies and continuously recommending the enhancements best suited to our customer’s needs. It will always be our effort to keep your business operating efficiently while keeping within the confines of your budget.

We are just that different, and I guarantee our daily practices are in your best interest.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mark Williams
President – Teleco South Florida


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