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Heartbleed Bug

HeartbleedAs we’re sure you are all aware, a very serious threat has arisen throughout various sites on the Internet dubbed by technical experts as “The Heartbleed Bug.” The vulnerability was discovered this past Monday night. It exploits flaws in an open-source software known as OpenSSL typically utilized to encrypt web site traffic and used by the majority of web sites across the globe. This very dangerous threat will gather personal information such as usernames, passwords, email addresses, credit card information and other various personal data without your, or the site’s knowledge.

Until such time you can be certain the sites you do business with or conduct personal matters on (including Internet email) is protected, we strongly encourage you to refrain from logging into any such site. Once you have determined the particular site you need to visit is safe, we would advise you to change your credentials immediately.

Here are some useful links from CNet.com that will help you understand this threat a little better along with some tools to help you determine if your sites are safe:

Other ways to ensure you are protected – Click Here
Popular site status – Click Here
A tool to check any particular site – Click Here

Again, even if a site a site you visit has been deemed safe, we strongly encourage you to change your passwords immediately.

Thank you for your time and please pass this along to family, friends and business associates to whom you feel this would be of interest.

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