Telephone Systems for Your Business

Here at Teleco South Florida, we have partnered with the leaders in the industry to bring you the best and most cost-effective solutions for all your telephone systems needs. Whether you choose to have your equipment located at your office or hosted in the cloud, we have a solution for you. Please browse below for just a few options of what we have to offer your business.

Premised-Based Solutions

NEC Telephone Systems


Competitive businesses come in all sizes. Successful businesses always have one thing in common: great teamwork. In the age of increasingly disparate working locations and job complexity, communications play a crucial part in every organization’s success.

  • Make quicker, better informed business decisions
  • Respond more quickly and efficiently to customer requests
  • Empower your workforce with Smart Communications


Toshiba Authorized Dealer

Toshiba: Bring Your Business Communications into the IP Age

Employees, customers and business partners have come to expect anywhere-anytime connectivity. With Toshiba, the business phone system can match their on-demand, mobile and multi-channel ways of working.

You already capitalize on IP for your Internet and other data communications. Why not exploit the productivity and cost-saving benefits of IP for voice communications as well?

IP simplifies the network, reduces costs and delivers new features that traditional digital phone systems couldn’t even dream of. With IP voice and data on one unified network, employees can be located anywhere yet be as productive and accessible as if they were at their desks. Even small businesses and branch offices can have advanced capabilities such as:

  • Unified messaging—Voice mail, email and fax in one inbox
  • Unified communications—Communication tools integrated and managed from a PC,
    laptop or tablet
  • Mobility—Freedom to roam the facility or anywhere within the reach of a cellular or
    Internet connection
  • Customization—Self-service control over phone buttons, speed-dial, directories and
    call handling

Toshiba makes it easy and affordable to run the business phone system on IP, while
extending the value of your existing infrastructure wherever possible.


Hosted Solutions



Why Hosted PBX and VoIP vs. Premise Based PBX?

Your business requires a high quality, reliable and feature rich phone system (PBX) that simply works. Just as important is for your PBX to grow and change as your business does the same. Now add every business owners desire for cost savings and business continuity, and you’ve just answered the question of “Why Hosted PBX and VoIP” for your business.

Benefits of Go VirtualVoice Hosted PBX and VoIP services:

  • Eliminate the cost and complexity of your phone closet
  • Easy to use, more capabilities, all without maintenance or labor fees
  • Lower your monthly phone bills (even with our services included)
  • Future proof your phone system

Is Hosted PBX and VoIP Right For My Business?

Over the years we’ve helped many businesses just like yours to realize the tangible benefits of our Hosted PBX and VoIP services. From Car Dealers, to Doctor Offices, Real Estate Brokerages, Law Firms, Accounting Practices, and even small Call Centers, all have found that the quality, capability and value of Go VirtualVoice Hosted PBX and VoIP services meet and exceed their business requirements. Phone Closets Are Obsolete.

Think about it. Buying a phone system or PBX is like buying a car. Just a few short months after you purchase a premise based PBX, it is out of date and worth just pennies on the dollar. Why waste your precious capital on hardware, software, and professional services when the quality, reliability and business continuity of your Go VirtualVoice Hosted PBX and VoIP service rivals that of traditional high-end enterprise phone systems?

Best of all, Go VirtualVoice offers a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We’ve taken out all the risk and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate why Go VirtualVoice has become the trusted communications partner for so many small to mid-sized businesses in the markets we serve.

Give us a call and let a Go VirtualVoice representatives help answer any questions you may have!




Star2Star is the most complete, dependable, fail-proof and valuable unified communications solution you can find. The entire system is self-monitoring, extremely flexible and easy to use – while providing all of the advanced features and cost savings you expect from a unified communications solution.


Toshiba Authorized Dealer

Toshiba VIPedge: Pure IP communications on a monthly, pay-as-you-go basis

Is your small to medium-sized business (SMB) looking to upgrade an analog or digital business phone system to gain the advantages of IP?

Does your organization have big potential but limited capital, and need to compete with much larger companies and project an enterprise-class image?

Do you want to manage communications costs as a predictable monthly operating expense instead of an upfront capital acquisition cost?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, the hottest trend in SMB communications is made for you. It is cloud-based voice over IP (VoIP) service. You get the benefits of modern IP business communications without having to buy, install or maintain an on-site phone system.

Toshiba’s cloud-based business telephone offering is the award-winning VIPedge solution. With VIPedge, you get the functionality of our on-premise IPedge® phone system, but instead of buying or leasing the server, you simply pay an affordable monthly service fee based on size and usage.

Pay only for what you need today, and expand on demand as your business grows.There’s no need to worry about powering, maintaining or updating the phone system server. Toshiba takes care of all that. Just answer the phone and run the business.



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