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The safety and security of our home and business is a huge concern for all of us. With Alarm.com alarm systems from Teleco South Florida, you’ll find the peace of mind you will need to sleep comfortably at night knowing we’re always watching your homes and offices and keeping your valuable possessions, as well as family and employees, safe from harm’s way.

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Trusted by Millions

More than 2 million people choose Alarm.com to protect their homes and businesses.

Alarm.com is engineered for security. Using the most reliable and secure communications and advanced tamper-resistant technology, you can rest assured that your home and business will stay protected with our alarm systems.

Dedicated Connection

Keeping your family and home secure is Job 1. Alarm.com’s alarm systems are designed to work when you need it most.

Unlike other systems that piggyback on your cable or phone connection, Alarm.com systems have their own dedicated, reliable cellular connection. Internet or broadband down? No problem. Power Outage? We’ve got you covered with battery backup. Phone line cut? Not an issue. You can count on reliable, uninterrupted protection.

What People Are Saying


“Peace of mind is priceless.”

“Its why my dogs are alive today.”

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