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Stop Paying for Costly Errors and Bogus Charges on your Voice and Data Communications Bills

Gartner Research estimates that companies spend up to 20% over their actual telecom expenses every month due to erroneous charges and invoicing errors. For a company with total monthly telecom expenses of $5,000, that means $12,000 down the drain each year! And that’s assuming you’re only being billed for services your business still needs and uses.

However, few businesses have the staff or time needed to sift through multiple bills and analyze hundreds of line items for mistakes and extraneous charges every month.

Fortunately, Teleco South Florida’s Expense Management solution makes it easy to identify and eliminate these costly problems. We begin by analyzing all of your voice, data, and internet bills for errors, unused services and extraneous charges. This initial cleanup typically saves customers 20 -35% of their total monthly telecom spend!

But it doesn’t stop there. Every month, we proactively notify you about potential billing errors and suspicious charges so you can quickly resolve any issues. For more information call 800-940-0944 or email us at carrierservices@telecosouthflorida.com

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