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Exchange vs Google Apps – The Right Fit

Companies, in search for the best solutions, have a lot to consider when setting up their communication tools. Two popular host email solutions are Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps. Here is a brief overview of what to consider when choosing an email solution.

Microsoft Exchange Servers provide a solution that works great with companies that need to support multiple users. Some of the features included with Exchange are synchronized communications, group calendaring, resource scheduling, public folders, and task lists sharing. With it’s centralized management capabilities, Exchange can accessed through an existing active directory domain via a browser. You have complete access to the server and how the data is shared, stored and secured. Even if your internet goes down, your network is still able to function giving your employees access to the data located on the server. Although this solution requires a larger investment, the benefits, such as security, reliability and flexibility, outweigh the cost.

Google Apps, an online remote system, offers an alternative to Exchange that is more affordable for small companies. With Google you can send and receive via computers, smart phones and other communication devices. Google sync features allows you to access emails from any computer device connected to the internet. Although some large companies have been know to use Google for their email hosting, it is not advisable to do. Google doesn’t offer the magnitude of features that Exchange offers and there is less control over how the data is stored and secured. Lastly, if your internet goes down, you can not access your data until the internet is available again.

With so  much to consider when choosing an email hosting solution, determining your specific needs can be a daunting task for any business owner. Our customers look to us to educated them on the different solutions out there and we help them determine which solution will fit best for their specific needs. When looking considering updating your system, be sure to seek out a professional to advise you on what is available and how that solutions will help. Our knowledgable staff is available today to get you started. For more information call 800-940-0944 or email us at dataservices@telecosouthflorida.com

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