Keep your Business Telephone

In today’s wireless world, mobile phones are playing an ever-increasing role in employees’ professional and personal lives. So much so that some small and medium-sized businesses have given thought to ditching the business phone system in favor of going mobile-only.

Maximizing your 2016 Technology Budget

Is your 2016 budget already set or are you still having fun planning it? We didn’t think so. Everyone we talk to right now is looking for creative ways to “do more with less” but is having a difficult time

Smart Devices?

BYOD – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Between the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that was released in August, the iPhone 5 that hit stores in September, and the Microsoft Surface tablet that’s set to be released in late

Evolution of Virtualized Voice

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-950" style="margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px;" title="Virtualized Voice" src="/tsfimages/OldPhone web based project management tools.png” alt=”” width=”360″ height=”261″ /> Virtualization has come a long way since its inception. In fact, it’s evolved so much that we’re now able to

In-House Phone Solutions Still Matter

Why Premise-Based Solutions Still Matter Like most of the telecommunications world, we’ve been discussing Cloud-based (Hosted) phone solutions, and how beneficial they can be, quite a bit lately. But just because the Cloud is a hot topic right now doesn’t

Broadband for my Business? What is the Best Solution

You rarely find a company today where their business does not, in some way, tie-into their connectivity to the Internet. Whether they are hosting a web site advertising their services, linking multiple office networks together or simply connected for research

Buying a New Phone System?

Purchasing a new phone system can be a very trying experience. What type of hardware/software do I need? What are the features best suited for us? How many lines should I order from the phone company? While most people understand

Get Your Marketing Message Heard

A great marketing message targeted at the right audience leads to more sales and further growth of your business. The challenge facing most companies today is how to ensure they are getting these communications across to the right people at

Lower Your Telecommunications Budget!

In an effort to maintain operational efficiencies and streamline overall expenditures, it is essential companies pay close attention to all charges and fees as they relate to company services and keep business costs to an absolute minimum. One very simple