Alarm Systems and Service

Keep your home or business safe with the people you’ve come to depend on for years! Teleco South Florida is pleased to announce we now have the ability to save you money on the alarm system for your home or

Maximizing your 2016 Technology Budget

Is your 2016 budget already set or are you still having fun planning it? We didn’t think so. Everyone we talk to right now is looking for creative ways to “do more with less” but is having a difficult time

Smart Devices?

BYOD – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Between the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that was released in August, the iPhone 5 that hit stores in September, and the Microsoft Surface tablet that’s set to be released in late

Physically Secure Your Business Environment!

Are the entries and exits to your office-space open and unsecured? This can pose a threat to your employees and your business property as well. We’re also fairly certain you wouldn’t want unwanted visitors roaming through the hallways of your

Video Surveillance – A Waste of Time?

We think not! Too many employers today think of video surveillance as a crime deterrent alone. We have business insurance, a pretty good legal system and a decent security structure in place! This is not all you need to completely