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Can You Afford to Go Without a Network Security Team?

Companies across the globe are faced by a new reality, a three tiered attack of their IT and telecommunications infrastructure; countries, corporations and individuals are working tirelessly, with expert hackers and technicians to breach your network security, and quickly steal corporate secrets and competitive advantage.

The hacking industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, where even countries engage in denial of service and web attacks on your network security infrastructure. The hackers have enormous profit potential, so what can corporations do to defend against organized and well funded groups generating spyware, Malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and Denial of Service attacks?

How can the average small to medium sized business build and maintain the skilled resources needed to safeguard your organizations operations?

No small to medium sized business has the budget to hire a comprehensive network security team that will safeguard their business critical applications and confidential information. Teleco South Florida’s certified security Engineers can solve this dilemma by keeping you protected with 24×7 threat management using proven, Enterprise-grade technology and monitoring systems.

Teleco South Florida’s experts are at the forefront of the network security industry, proactively managing diverse IT and Telecommunications systems to eliminate new security loop holes each day, and implement security mechanisms to minimize corporate exposure to network security threats.

Because we manage the service for you, the need for 24/7 operational resources is no longer a concern – That’s on Teleco South Florida.

Have Antivirus Security in Place

Using antivirus security software is one of the most basic and necessary parts of network security. It scans your computer for certain patterns that indicate infection. Without it, you’re left completely unguarded.

One way to take antivirus security to the next level is to apply it at the gateway, like we do here at Teleco South Florida. Traditional antivirus software only works on your physical computer, but gateway antivirus security starts scanning before anything even gets onto your computer. It’s double the protection – scanning both at the entry way to your computer and on your computer.

Employ Web/URL Filtering

Although it sounds trivial, adding Web/URL Filtering to your network security system is an integral part of keeping viruses, spyware and other threats at bay. With customizable filtering, you’re able to decide which websites your employees can and can’t access, and you benefit from automatic protection against “typo scam” URLs.

One thing that Web/URL Filtering allows Teleco to do is run reports that analyze users’ activity and take into account each person’s top utilized websites. This not only provides protection, but it can also boost productivity by allowing you to analyze how workers are using their time and, if necessary, address time-wasting sites.

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