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Proactive Computer Maintenance – Do I need it?

All too often we react to computer problems when they arise and never think about how we may have prevented them in the first place. Fortunately, in terms of workstations, a lot of issues are simple and easily fixed by rebooting the computer or closing and restarting the problematic application. What about the more difficult problems (i.e. no network, no printers, no files, no Internet)?

What about a virus? Most computers today are sold with anti-virus software so you would think you’re pretty protected right? Maybe, maybe not! This really all depends on how well you keep up with the latest definition files, updates and regularly scheduled scans. Not keeping up with this type of maintenance can put your business computers in serious jeopardy!

How about your servers? Are you maintaining them on a regular basis as well? Typically, this is how your staff logs into the network, stores their documents and access network resources such as printers, faxes and other network peripherals. Pretty important to keep these up-to-date wouldn’t you think?

Proactive maintenance is a simple way of keeping your systems up-to-date and running efficiently 24x7x365. It really is a relatively inexpensive way of ensuring the health of your computing environment and avoiding the major headaches and downtime surrounding major failures. It also helps to identify significant issues long before they become major problems and result in interruption of work-flow in your office.

Please allow us to take a few minutes to explain what is involved with the proactive maintenance process so you might better understand why proactive computer maintenance is important to you and your business.

1) Security Patches – We’re going to guess you’re using Microsoft operating systems throughout your office right? While this is a good option and by far the most popular choice throughout the business world, these systems are the most “hacked” or “vulnerable” systems in the computing world. Microsoft distributes security patches on a regular basis to address recent threats and vulnerabilities to their environment. If these patches are not applied fairly quickly, your computers may be at serious risk and could be damaged by vicious hackers or, worse yet, your data could be stolen and all customer information lost!

2) Operating System Patches – Along with security patches, Microsoft also introduces enhancements and fixes to their operating systems as well in order to improve on performance, fix known issues or increase accessibility. All in all, these updates are usually a good thing and can help to streamline your computing process.

3) Event Log Review – Every Microsoft operating system has event logs which keep track of everything occurring on each system throughout your workplace. These are designed to assist IT personnel in identifying potential problems with both applications and systems. By reviewing these logs on a regular basis you will most likely be aware of and prevent major issues before they happen. This obviously keeps your systems up-and-running and operating most efficiently throughout the year without major downtime or loss of valuable company data.

4) Backups – This is an important one! The data you have stored on your office systems is more than likely crucial to the success of your business right? It is absolutely critical to ensure this valuable data is backed-up on a regular basis and can easily be restored in the event of catastrophic failure. Most companies think backing-up to a simple tape drive is sufficient and keeps them safe from disaster. Not so! What if you suffer from fire, flood, theft or any other major incident where these tapes may be damaged and data lost forever? Our backup solutions back your valuable information up to the “cloud” where it can be easily restored at any location in a matter of hours. This is something we strongly recommend and encourage our customers to do. Cloud storage today is relatively inexpensive and can be setup quickly and easily.

5) Anti-Virus – This too we feel is pretty important to your business systems. There are numerous threats introduced on a regular basis throughout the computing world. It is very important your anti-virus software be kept up-to-date and regular scans performed in order to ensure your systems and data are virus-free and well protected from the latest threats.

All in all, the five steps mentioned above are what we at Teleco South Florida offer our customers as a part of our IT Services and Support packages. We have a variety of plans available to your business at very affordable rates to assist you with keeping your computing environment safe, secure and running at maximum efficiencies throughout the year. Why not give us a call or drop us an email today and see where we could be of service to your business?

If you would like to watch a simple video providing a brief description of our Proactive Maintenance Service, please click here or visit us on YouTube.

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Alarm Systems and Service

key panel, alarm panel, security system, security panelKeep your home or business safe with the people you’ve come to depend on for years!

Teleco South Florida is pleased to announce we now have the ability to save you money on the alarm system for your home or business. For over 30 years we’ve been providing our customers quality, dependable service within the Telecommunications and IT Industries delivering phone systems and computing solutions to your business. It has always been our goal to find the most reliable, affordable solution and provide you with the quality service you’ve come to expect from us.

We are now able to offer this same service to you in regards to the alarm system for your home or office. Our prices are very competitive and our products are both reliable and up-to-date with the latest technologies. Even if you already have an alarm system, we’re pretty certain we may be able to save you some money on service enabling you to either upgrade or enhance your current solution at little to no costs.

Would you like peace of mind in knowing your home or business is protected? Why not give Teleco South Florida a call today?