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In-House Phone Solutions Still Matter

Why Premise-Based Solutions Still Matter

Like most of the telecommunications world, we’ve been discussing Cloud-based (Hosted) phone solutions, and how beneficial they can be, quite a bit lately. But just because the Cloud is a hot topic right now doesn’t mean premise-based PBX/VoIP solutions are a thing of the past.

In fact, premise-based systems are alive and well and are still quality, relevant options for many businesses. So don’t expect them to disappear anytime soon. Why? Three main reasons –

1. The Cloud Isn’t for Everyone What does this mean? Exactly what it says: Cloud-based solutions aren’t the right fit for all organizations.

For some businesses, it’s important to be able to walk into an on-site datacenter and make changes to their system on the fly from there. Premise-based systems allow this to be done quickly and easily. Plus, the potential for customization is often much greater with these solutions, enabling a company’s IT staff to program the system so it fits the organization’s needs at every level.

For others, such as those with fixed IT upgrade budgets, a premise-based solution often makes more sense as well. Cloud-based (Hosted) offerings generally have monthly pricing that involves usage and can increase when users are added. Because the billing style allows for statements that can vary in cost from one month to the next, Cloud-based (Hosted) systems are not ideal for companies with a fixed IT budget. For example, nonprofits with strict budgets need a fixed cost they can depend on each month. Therefore, these types of organizations are generally not the best candidates for Cloud-based (Hosted) PBX.

Bandwidth is another reason why some organizations don’t turn to the Cloud. Cloud-based (Hosted) solutions are delivered over the Internet and, as a result, require larger amounts of bandwidth and continuous Internet uptime. Companies with Cloud-based (Hosted) solutions need to communicate back and forth over the Internet out to an offsite data center instead of an in-house system. Because of this, they need to maintain higher amounts of bandwidth and ensure constant connectivity. This can be costly for some businesses and can be a deal breaker when it comes to possibly moving to the Cloud.

2. Virtualized Voice Adds Value to Premise-Based Options Virtualized voice is a game changer. This is because it enables your business to keep your customized call control and applications while getting all of the benefits of server virtualization, such as:

  • Maximized IT resources: Your physical datacenter is condensed and upgrades and management tasks are simpler, which enables your IT department to spend more time innovating rather than playing catch up.
  • Hardware consolidation and increased savings: Cut hardware and operational costs by letting few pieces of hardware do the work of many.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Reduce energy costs and consumption without sacrificing functionality.

When server and voice virtualization are used together, these benefits get amplified since telephony hardware can be condensed right along with computing infrastructure. This allows premise-based PBX/VoIP solutions to be even more manageable, efficient and cost-effective than before.

3. Legacy & Benefits Premise-based PBX/VoIP solutions were the major player in the voice world before the Cloud. IT teams know how to handle them, and the systems have been continuously improved upon over time to increase the quality and capacity of features and functions. They have a long history of user-driven updates and changes and are the most customizable since the equipment itself resides at your location and not in a shared consumption model.

The result of this long history of improvement is that some functions may be more manageable and user-friendly in premise-based phone systems than in Cloud-based (Hosted) solutions. This doesn’t apply to everything, but certain features, such as directory options, voice mail routing choices and others, are more robust in premise-based systems.

For many, these differences are insignificant. But, for some, these functions inherent to premise-based systems are mission-critical and can make a major impact if no longer available.

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Remote Computer Maintenance

Teleco South Florida is pleased to announce a “Remote Maintenance” plan we are now offering to new and existing customers. This new and very affordable plan will allow us to maintain your systems remotely from our offices without the added costs of onsite visits. We offer this plan as a means to support your computers and operating systems via the Internet providing a quicker response time to resolve your immediate issue.

This plan can be used as a means of dealing with new problems you may experience as well as a “proactive approach” to maintaining your environment wherein we will, during your off business hours, update your computers with the latest operating system patches, security updates and virus definition files to assist in keeping your systems protected and operating more efficiently and for an extended period of time.

It is important to us for our customers to understand the importance of keeping your systems up-to-date and protected from thieves and hackers proactively, for further information on why this is so important to your computing environment, please read this article.

Here are just a few of the features built into this plan which will benefit your overall computing experience through Teleco South Florida:

  • Site Monitoring – We will install software, at no additional cost to you, in which we will be automatically alerted to problems within your environment 24 x 7 and respond immediately. For the most part, we’ll be there whether you know you need us or not!
  • Remote Access/Support – Should you experience any problems whatsoever with your systems, and once you have called our support number, you can expect a fairly immediate response from us bringing you to faster resolution allowing for less “work stoppage” and greater up-time.
  • Site Reporting – We will send regular communications on issues found and issues resolved as well as potential problems we may see which may need addressing in the very near future. We will also keep you informed as to the health of your computers on a regular basis.
  • Lower Pricing – This plan offers remote computer and networking support at the low, low rate of $60 per hour! This results in a savings of over $50 per hour and has other options which may lower your costs even more!

We are offering this to everyone at a very discounted and competitive rate! Call us now or drop us a line and we’ll let you know how much money you could be saving on your computer support services and about other exciting offers associated with this service which may make this program even more affordable to you!

Drop us a line now!