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Sales Reps Needed!

At Teleco South Florida we pride ourselves on providing the best possible products at the lowest possible prices completely satisfying our customer’s needs. In order to do so, we depend on highly-motivated, enthusiastic sales representatives that fully understand our direction and are dedicated to going above and beyond what may be required to achieve these goals.

If you are one of those people and are in search of a position that offers not only a challenge but an excellent potential for growth, why not consider joining our team? We have been serving the greater South Florida area for over 30 years and look forward to doing so for another 30 years! In order to do so, we need your help.

Why not take a look through our job description and see if you have what it takes to help us satisfy our customer’s needs while adding to your own personal knowledge and financial growth?

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The Cloud Puzzle

Cloud-based (Hosted) Best Practices: Connectivity

Cloud-based (Hosted) phone systems provide easy online administration, don’t require the installation of a server and are a cost-effective way for businesses to get rich VoIP functionality. And since the provider is responsible for ensuring system maintenance and upgrades are performed regularly and are in line with the latest in technology, these types of solutions are attractive to many.

But, as with any business critical application, there are best practices that should be followed when implementing a Cloud-based (Hosted) PBX solution. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, considerations is ensuring continuous, uninterrupted Internet uptime.

Why? Because your Cloud-based (Hosted) phone services are being delivered over the Internet and managed online by you project management web app. If your connection falters, so does your ability to make/receive calls and take advantage of UC (Unified Communications) functionalities.

So what’s the best practice for ensuring continuous Internet connectivity when it comes to Cloud-based (Hosted) PBX? There are two keys:

  1. Redundancy, Redundancy, Redundancy – We can’t stress it enough. Rather than relying on one Internet connection, always make sure your business is connected to the outside world via multiple links. So when (not if) one connection fails, the other is still there to keep you up and running.
  2. Load Balancing & Automatic Failover – To make your redundant connections work best for you, implement a load balancing and automatic failover solution. By balancing the data load between multiple connections, your resources are optimized and you’re proactively working to avoid overload. If your main connection does fail, automatic failover seamlessly transfers your data load over to the connection that is up and running.

Regardless of whether you choose Teleco South Florida to deploy your hosted solution or utilize another service, the implementation of a load balancing and automatic failover solution is imperative to businesses with Cloud-based (Hosted) services and is what makes redundancy work so well.

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Soren Technology

Teleco South Florida is very pleased and excited about our new business partner! Please take a few moments to review the press release below from Soren Technology.

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release


Memorial Healthcare completes the interface with Soren Technology’s EHR/EMR solution. Soren Technology, a leading provider of EHR/EMR, healthcare revenue and payment cycle management solutions, and health information networks focusing on clinical exchange, announced its ‘Go Live’ status for Memorial physician practices. This interface to a certified electronic medical records system can be your first or continued step in establishing meaningful use by implementing a locally supported solution. Soren Technology combines Memorial Healthcare’s admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) face sheet information as well as the laboratory and radiology data into an effective scheduling, clinical charting, billing, and medical office administration into one solution.

This development brings to market a local, affordable, integrated SaaS-based electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management solution (PMS) that provides predictive health care that every community, RHIO/HIE and Soren participating client can use. “There has been a need for a robust, yet affordable enterprise EHR/EMR and PM solution delivered via the Cloud”,” said Dr. Faiz Fatteh, President and CEO of Soren Technology. “With this solution, physicians now have secure and timely access to critical patient information creating a highly coordinated and collaborative patient care environment.”

With the collaboration of Atlantic Coast Health Information Exchange (HIE), Memorial and Soren Technology makes it possible to the sharing of key patient data. The Atlantic Coast HIE provides benefits to both providers and patients, including:

  • Decreased orders of duplicate tests
  • Easy delivery of results
  • Broader view of a patient’s health record including information from outside organizations
  • Ability to share clinical information across different EHR systems
  • Decreased Faxing, Scanning, and Delivery of Paper Records

What assists Soren Technology as well as the Atlantic Coast HIE is our partnership with Teleco South Florida. Their 30 years of business success provides the latest in business communications solutions such as a strong internet connectivity and security. Their value is tremendous to our healthcare clients as well as their personal service they provide in training and support.

The 2009 American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) offers federal stimulus money to physicians who implement an EHR/EMR solution, provided that they can demonstrate that their system meets certain regulations and that their practice is using it in ways that can be measured in both quality and quantity.

About Soren Technology:
Soren Technology provides BioStation, a fully integrated and certified electronic health records system that encompasses an Apple iPad touch screen option and holds a strategic alliance with LabCorp, seamlessly integrating bi-directional lab orders and results.

More information on Soren Technology can be found at www.SorenTech.com where you can register now at no cost. You can also contact Robert Evans, National Sales Executive at RobertEvans@Sorentech.com or by phone at 954-736-7300 or 888-401-9139. Teleco South Florida can be contacted through Chris Toner at Chris.Toner@Telecosouthflorida.com or 954-621-6226.

You can contact Memorial Healthcare through Liz Cole, Senior Systems Analyst at 954-276-5225.

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WAN Woes?

“Working at home stinks – The network is so slow!” – “Why does our CRM keep locking up?” – “Your Web Conference is three slides behind what you’re talking about!”

If any of these statements sound familiar, you may be sharing in the common “WAN Woes” many companies experience.

Ever-expanding remote workforces, increased demand for wireless network access and collaborative technologies like Web conferencing, video-based services and application sharing has significantly increased the amount of bandwidth employees need to remain effective and productive.

Unfortunately, the simple truth for many businesses is that their Wide Area Network (WAN) isn’t adequately equipped to handle the additional strain and traffic these applications demand. The result is that users’ productivity suffers because the mission-critical applications they depend on run too slowly.

At Teleco South Florida, we’ve helped thousands of companies identify and solve their “WAN Woes”. And though each company is different, we typically find the reasons WANs underperform fall into three primary categories: Remote workforce demand, convergence, and security.

Remote Workforce Demand – In years past, email and calendering applications topped the list for applications accessed remotely. But recently, remote user needs have drastically changed. Now, says Forrester Research, the majority of remote workers are accessing mission-critical applications, such as CRM and ERP systems, on laptops and mobile devices far from the office.

This raises the stakes for IT departments offering remote access. Remote users demand high-performance access to their mission-critical applications—the same performance they’d get if they “plugged in” at the office. When a company’s WAN isn’t properly configured to account for the needs of its remote users and deliver the speed they require, they miss out on a critical opportunity for enhanced productivity and faster customer response times.

Convergence One prevalent and growing challenge for today’s WANs is convergence: The incorporation of voice and video services into IP (Internet Protocol) networks. This is because Voice over IP (VoIP) is the dominant technology in today’s business communications marketplace, and more companies are using video for everything from training to sales promotions to Webinars. In addition, voice and video require low latency and reliable network service – exactly where many WANs fall short. Because video is a huge bandwidth hog on its own, this can be a recipe for disaster.

WAN configurations designed to handle the basic client-server data connections of five years ago often do a poor job addressing voice and video applications, because the data is already highly compressed. Layering on additional compression only leads to client-side delays as the network infrastructure burns resources trying to shrink data that can’t be made any smaller.

Security If WAN configurations aren’t integrated with security solutions, companies often must make a choice: Accelerate voice, data and video traffic or secure it. Typically they choose the latter out of necessity, and application performance suffers.

However, companies that deploy WAN solutions with integrated security features don’t have to sacrifice performance. In fact, building security into a WAN solution makes perfect sense. To accelerate traffic, a WAN appliance is already performing the traffic analysis and packet inspection required for making intelligent, policy-based decisions about threats and inappropriate traffic. When integrated into the WAN, security controls create little overhead and, by eliminating elicit traffic, can improve application performance.

We combine that logic, along with several other innovative optimization technologies, to help significantly boost the speed and performance of your company’s remotely accessed and Web-based mission-critical applications. Our technology combines these state-of-the-art, customizable WAN Optimization features, comprehensive threat (virus, Trojan, malware, spyware, etc.) protection and Web/content filtering all in one solution.

Best of all, because we’ll manage the service for you, there’s no expensive equipment to purchase, maintain, or upgrade or staff needed for administration – that’s on us!

But it’s not just technology protecting you – Our team of experts helps keep you out of harm’s way by proactively identifying “yellow flags” in your key networking statistics to wipe out potential threats before they can cause damage.