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Notice to Event Planners: Do You Office Wi-Fi?

I recently went to a South Florida concert and realized I no longer had 3G coverage on my iPhone. I just had coverage a minute ago, what happened? I was enjoying the show and I was taking a lot of really good pictures which I wanted to share on my social media sites… but I can’t! I soon realized that everyone around me is also posting their pictures and texting friends and trying to find each other through the crowds.

Know your customers – Holding an event these days without offering reliable wireless access creates angry customers and an unsafe environment for your staff. Whether it’s a business meeting, marketing splash, concert event or other occasion the digital age demands reliable, fast connectivity for the ever-widening range of mobile devices.

Map out your venue – For a successful deployment, you need to know the venue inside and out. You have to consider things like where people will be sitting and accessing the network. This can help anticipate dead spots and prevent issues before they happen. Make sure you walk the area and do some testing in advance. Access points should also be located as high as possible in a campus or event environment.

It would be unwise to simply set up an unsecured network and turn it loose for anyone to do with it what they please. Even at a musical event like I attended, it’s crucial to create a safe network environment. You don’t want people surfing through porn or using your free Wi-Fi network to upload viruses.

At Teleco South Florida we use cloud-managed devices which offer Web-based security controls. There’s a balance to be struck between security and usability so those security elements aren’t so intrusive that they turn people off. We can setup these devices so there is no login required. For example, just a quick splash page and check of the terms and conditions box. Otherwise, security should remain invisible.

Know Your Bandwidth – Once the network is live and the event underway, it’s important to actively monitor and adjust bandwidth as needed. There were more than 30,000 people at these types of events at any given time.

Bandwidth can be actively managed by Teleco South Florida. We can setup distinct user groups: attendees, staff and performers. The wireless solution can allocate a certain amount of bandwidth to each and adjust based on actual activity. By keeping multiple communication lines available using Wi-Fi can help in an emergency as well.

If you do not currently offer secure Wi-Fi and would like to offer this solution please contact us here at Teleco South Florida for a free evaluation.

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Does My IT Environment Really Need “Patching?”

We invest a lot of money into our computing environment and expect it to perform efficiently on a regular basis. Are you taking the necessary steps to ensure it is up-to-date with the latest software releases, security patches and upgrades to the operating systems? If not, you may be putting your company at risk.

Operating Systems – In today’s business environments, Microsoft Windows is still considered the most popular solution for the office for network access, file and print sharing, application utilization and communication with associates and clients. The problem is, it’s also the most vulnerable to hackers and potential network intruders. To compensate, Microsoft regularly releases security patches and operating system upgrades which will aide companies against such threats. Most companies today do not have the time or resources to keep up-to-date with these constant changes yet they are critical to the health of your systems.

Networking Equipment – No doubt, you probably have networking equipment installed in your IT environment in order to efficiently manage your network traffic and communicate both internally as well as with the outside world of business. This equipment is a valuable asset to your business and needs to be maintained in accordance with vendor requirements. This usually involves ensuring the operating systems on the device(s) are continually updated with the latest firmware releases as network equipment providers will not honor warrantees or support agreements if the hardware is not updated appropriately.

Anti-Virus/Spyware – Your company’s data is absolutely critical to business operations and, if damaged, could seriously impede revenue efforts and keep your employees from performing their job responsibilities. Viruses and spyware are just another way hackers and network intruders attempt to gain access to your systems and either damage or, worse yet, steal valuable information. While we’re almost certain you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your business from these threats by purchasing anti-virus or anti-spyware software but are you ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest definition files and updates?

Internet Monitoring and Filtering – Most companies today don’t realize the importance of monitoring Internet traffic and email utilization. This isn’t simply a way to ensure your staff members are not conducting non business-related communications using your computing environment, it is also a means of ensuring inappropriate emails with potentially dangerous attachments are not getting into your network. If you don’t have this type of solution in place, your employees may accidentally open an infected email message, browse to “suspicious” Internet site which may attempt to gather company information from your workstation or flood your email and Internet systems with unwanted traffic.

All of these considered, you’ve found your answer… YES, I need to ensure I am keeping up with the latest software releases and operating system upgrades! If you would like further information on how easily this can be maintained, give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

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Is VOIP Right for Me?

Let’s discuss the biggest question facing businesses today… is Voice Over-IP (VOIP) what our company needs? VOIP is a vastly misunderstood technology. It is a technology which takes voice traffic and converts it to data reducing overall bandwidth utilization. This allows conversations to travel across the cloud (Internet) which is then converted back to voice at the other end. It is the “buzz” word around all offices today. Sounds simple enough but what does it accomplish for you?

Is inter-office communication eating away at the bottom line? Tired of paying long distance charges to communicate with your outside sales staff? Do you have employees who work from home? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you’re in the perfect environment to implement VOIP technology.

Tie your offices together in a seamless mesh. A VOIP connection will allow you to dial a few simple digits to reach the LA, Miami, Orlando and Atlanta offices. Equip your outside sales staff with an actual telephone extension to their PDA, laptop or iPad. Your home workers can now be an extension of the main office.

Sounds good! Now for the exciting part…NO LONG DISTANCE CHARGES! You can link everyone together using the Internet bandwidth you probably already have.

If you are getting a little tingle in your toes there is more… you can also utilize Least Cost Routing (LCR). This is a process wherein your phone system will determine the most economical way to place calls. As an example, if you are in Miami and calling a client in Orange County California the call will ride across the Internet and go out through the LA office and result in a local call. With all this in place, you can now ensure clients can speak to a live person for a longer work-day. The east coast can answer the LA calls before anyone arrives in that office. Your east coast customers can talk to someone in LA after normal hours. Today’s businesses operate more than the traditional 9-5 and you can accommodate all of them accordingly.

Your clients can be routed to the right person or department regardless of location. The customer service department can field calls from any client in any location. Priority customers can reach the exact person you want them to work with regardless of where they are… all of this at a substantial cost-savings to you!

Another advantage to having VOIP technology is redundancy. If there is in climate weather, power outages or even equipment failure you can easily route traffic to another location and have minimal communications loss until services can be restored. Teleco South Florida can help you design the correct VOIP technology for you for today, tomorrow and into the future.

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Ask Teleco South Florida

All too often you come across minor problems which hinder your ability to successfully complete your daily tasks in a timely and efficient manner. This can typically be tied to a simple lack of understanding of how the tools at your disposal actually function and whether or not you’re taking the right steps, in the right order, in which to complete your job.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a computer, networking problem, software application, telephone system issue or any other electronic tool or program you may not fully understand how to use. It can be a hassle.

At Teleco South Florida, we’d like to help! We have many experienced technicians and engineers with a long history of dealing with complicated technical issues within many various areas throughout our industry. Please take a moment to fill-out the form below and submit your problem to us. We will review the issue reported and seek out a solution for you and post your answer back on our site. On a rare occasion, if you’re able to “stump us,” we’ll display your problem and allow our users to comment or suggest a resolution.

No matter how small you feel the issue is, it matters to us! Please let us know what your question is and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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Teleco South Florida Partner Acquires PAETEC

We, at Teleco South Florida, are pleased to announce the news about one of our premier partners new acquisition of PAETEC. Please read the news from Windstream below!

As you may have heard, PAETEC is now part of Windstream. This is an exciting time for us, as together we form an S&P 500 communications and technology company with a nationwide network, serving more than 450,000 businesses with more than 100,000 miles of fiber.

The Perfect Complement PAETEC strengthens Windstream in three important ways. First, PAETEC brings tremendous enterprise-level expertise and product offerings to enhance Windstream’s already robust business division. Second, PAETEC’s culture of first-rate customer care aligns nicely with our own commitment to exceptional service. And third, PAETEC’s service area perfectly complements our own, allowing us to instantly transform into a multi-billion dollar nationwide communications and technology company with:

  • A nationwide fiber network of more than 100,000 miles
  • Data centers, cloud computing and managed services offered nationwide
  • Customized data, voice and network solutions

Benefitting Your Business As part of a national communications and technology organization, our dedicated employees will be able to offer you customized solutions that are as advanced as they are affordable. You’ll be able to reach our support staff 24/7 and continue to receive unparalleled personal service.

As always, we thank you for your business. We look forward to bringing you the best products and services that allow your business to continue to be successful, now and in the years to come.

As stated by: Jeff Gardner, President and Chief Executive Officer, Windstream Communications.