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Lower Your Telecommunications Budget!

In an effort to maintain operational efficiencies and streamline overall expenditures, it is essential companies pay close attention to all charges and fees as they relate to company services and keep business costs to an absolute minimum. One very simple way of controlling spending is to eliminate excessive and unneeded expenses.

To assist you, we’d like to share two easy ways our customers have successfully eliminated wasteful disbursement of capital and succeeded in lowering their overall telecom costs:

“One way to save money is to trim your budget of unneeded expenses.”

Reducing the ongoing operational and maintenance costs associated with your communications equipment can greatly reduce spending while still continuing to support your company’s business requirements. Multiple research studies have shown most organizations are utilizing anywhere between 50% and 70% of their IT budget to maintain, update and upgrade their technology infrastructure. These costs can be significantly decreased through detailed analysis and thorough examination of existing fees.

Additionally, eliminate paying for costly errors and erroneous charges on your voice and data communications invoices. Gartner Research estimates that companies spend up to 20% over their actual telecom budgets each month due to miscellaneous charges and invoicing errors. As an example, if your company’s total monthly telecom expenses are $5,000, this would calculate to an approximate loss of $12,000 per year. This is all assuming you are only being billed for services your business still requires! This does not take into consideration the many services you may be billed for which are no longer necessary for your business needs. Given the current state of the economy and an overall reduction in the workforce across the nation, very few businesses today have the staff or resources necessary to conduct the type of analyses mentioned above in order to efficiently reduce costs while maintaining business standards.

Teleco’s Telecom Management Service (TMS) can provide this assistance to you! We begin by analyzing all of your wireless, voice, data and Internet invoices for errors, unused services and extraneous charges. This will typically save customers 15-30% of their total monthly telecom expenses… and that’s only after the initial cleanup!

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Video Surveillance – A Waste of Time?

We think not! Too many employers today think of video surveillance as a crime deterrent alone. We have business insurance, a pretty good legal system and a decent security structure in place! This is not all you need to completely safeguard your business! How about protecting your employees? Preventing asset loss? Guard the company against false personal injury claims and costly legal suits?

These are all legitimate points which should be taken into consideration before canceling your plans of installing a video surveillance solution.

Allow us to provide you with some key components to think about when questioning whether or not video surveillance is a good fit for your business:

Insurance Costs

Installing video surveillance systems as a part of your business can actually lead to reduced overall operating costs. The majority of insurance companies today will lower your premiums as a result of deploying such a solution into your environment. This is due to faster recovery of stolen assets, reduced crime and fewer claims against the company in regards to workman’s compensation and personal harm and injury on the job.

Marketing Advantages

Video can be used to monitor customer trends while visiting your business. Where are they spending most of their time? What areas in your company are attracting the most people? Conversely, what displays or products do your customers completely bypass during their visit? These are all valuable tools marketing personnel can utilize to change the overall customer experience and increase sales.

HR Tools

All too often, human resources personnel are hard-pressed to backup claims of bad behavior or poor performance. By reviewing video recordings at any given time, HR staff can easily recognize and document such activities. At the same time, video can also point out individuals that may be performing above and beyond what is expected of them in regards to their daily responsibilities. This allows your company to appropriately reward staff for outstanding conduct therefore helping to improve overall morale throughout the entire company.

At Teleco South Florida, we have highly-seasoned, trained experts in the security and video surveillance arena. Our engineers can quickly assess your security needs and formulate a solution best-suited for your working environment. We use top-of-theline, industry-leading hardware and software solutions and will provide prompt installation as well as training in the use of these valuable business tools.