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Behind the Scenes: Website Structures

Unaware by many website visitors, we have entered into a new era where HTML-only structured websites are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Website owners have the option to embrace a new technology driven by content management systems (CMS), database-powered websites and state-of-the-art web applications, to name a few.

This new breed of websites allow the owner to forgo the tedious time spent debugging HTML codes or editing content by accessing the code directly. This method could only be done with a web developer and would be very time consuming.

Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines require today’s sites to be constantly expanding and changing through the adding of new dynamic content and pages. This activity greatly influences how the search engine see your site and rank you in search engine results. Companies also understand the importance of having a strong online presence and the influence a well designed website can have on the bottom line. Because HTML-only structured sites are constrained by the need of a programmer or web designer to make any changes, business typically hold off on updating their sites until absolutely necessary.

Many website users have experienced this new technology in one form or another. Based upon a study done by Box Hill Institute in 2010, there were over 200 million blogs in existence. CMS systems, such as WordPress and Joomla, were created to fill a need and became the tool to use for the blogging industry. These systems provide a simple interface that allowed the site owner the option to update the content of their site themselves. CMS now provides web masters the ability to manage their website though an easy-to-use back-end interface where they are able to make changes to their site in a matter of minutes. Modification that occur on a single page can be duplicated to other pages with just a few clicks. No need to recreate each page to maintain consistency throughout the website. All these changes are completed by using an intuitive device, called a WYSWYG editor. Additionally, tools called “plug-in” or “modules” can be included in the CMS interface in enhance functionality and interaction of the site.

To see what your existing site uses as it’s structure and to see if making the move to CMS would be a benefit to your bottom line, contact Teleco South Florida at 800-940-0944 or email us at marketing@telecosouthflorida.com to arrange a free analysis of your site and to discuss your long-term goals for marketing your business on the web.

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Stop Paying for Costly Errors and Bogus Charges on your Voice and Data Communications Bills

Gartner Research estimates that companies spend up to 20% over their actual telecom expenses every month due to erroneous charges and invoicing errors. For a company with total monthly telecom expenses of $5,000, that means $12,000 down the drain each year! And that’s assuming you’re only being billed for services your business still needs and uses.

However, few businesses have the staff or time needed to sift through multiple bills and analyze hundreds of line items for mistakes and extraneous charges every month.

Fortunately, Teleco South Florida’s Expense Management solution makes it easy to identify and eliminate these costly problems. We begin by analyzing all of your voice, data, and internet bills for errors, unused services and extraneous charges. This initial cleanup typically saves customers 20 -35% of their total monthly telecom spend!

But it doesn’t stop there. Every month, we proactively notify you about potential billing errors and suspicious charges so you can quickly resolve any issues. For more information call 800-940-0944 or email us at carrierservices@telecosouthflorida.com

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Can You Afford to Go Without a Network Security Team?

Companies across the globe are faced by a new reality, a three tiered attack of their IT and telecommunications infrastructure; countries, corporations and individuals are working tirelessly, with expert hackers and technicians to breach your network security, and quickly steal corporate secrets and competitive advantage.

The hacking industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, where even countries engage in denial of service and web attacks on your network security infrastructure. The hackers have enormous profit potential, so what can corporations do to defend against organized and well funded groups generating spyware, Malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and Denial of Service attacks?

How can the average small to medium sized business build and maintain the skilled resources needed to safeguard your organizations operations?

No small to medium sized business has the budget to hire a comprehensive network security team that will safeguard their business critical applications and confidential information. Teleco South Florida’s certified security Engineers can solve this dilemma by keeping you protected with 24×7 threat management using proven, Enterprise-grade technology and monitoring systems.

Teleco South Florida’s experts are at the forefront of the network security industry, proactively managing diverse IT and Telecommunications systems to eliminate new security loop holes each day, and implement security mechanisms to minimize corporate exposure to network security threats.

Because we manage the service for you, the need for 24/7 operational resources is no longer a concern – That’s on Teleco South Florida.

Have Antivirus Security in Place

Using antivirus security software is one of the most basic and necessary parts of network security. It scans your computer for certain patterns that indicate infection. Without it, you’re left completely unguarded.

One way to take antivirus security to the next level is to apply it at the gateway, like we do here at Teleco South Florida. Traditional antivirus software only works on your physical computer, but gateway antivirus security starts scanning before anything even gets onto your computer. It’s double the protection – scanning both at the entry way to your computer and on your computer.

Employ Web/URL Filtering

Although it sounds trivial, adding Web/URL Filtering to your network security system is an integral part of keeping viruses, spyware and other threats at bay. With customizable filtering, you’re able to decide which websites your employees can and can’t access, and you benefit from automatic protection against “typo scam” URLs.

One thing that Web/URL Filtering allows Teleco to do is run reports that analyze users’ activity and take into account each person’s top utilized websites. This not only provides protection, but it can also boost productivity by allowing you to analyze how workers are using their time and, if necessary, address time-wasting sites.

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Fly to the Cloud: Cloud Computing

cloud Many IT managers have been sitting on the sidelines and not embracing the significant benefits that Cloud Computing can bring to your enterprise. Often the concept of Cloud computing can seem too abstract when the hard demands of upgrades, maintenance releases, and hardware failures encompass a significant part of your work day.

So what is Cloud Computing?

Simply put, delivering services and hosting applications over the internet is the central concept behind Cloud Computing. Applications like mail, spreadsheets, and word processing documents are shared over the internet, and provide an effective tool for small and large corporations to access their data from anywhere. However, for many businesses the key to Cloud Computing is the provision of dynamically scalable services over the Internet. The ability to scale up or scale back your enterprise resource entitlement within minutes or hours, rather than weeks or months. Data processing infrastructure—servers, storage, and bandwidth —can be procured from the cloud, consumed as needed, and then relinquished back to the cloud, all in a matter of minutes. Whether you need a Unix, Linux, Windows or other technology platform, cloud based computing can provide a solution that works for you.

The Benefits

Traditionally, IT managers face a fearsome budget process identifying and justifying the resources required not only to operate their enterprises day to day, perform optimally during a payroll run or a month end close, but also the capacity required to meet the needs of additional users from an upcoming acquisition, or greater than expected business growth.

Cloud based solutions allow you to take the complexity out of selecting, purchasing and managing your IT infrastructure and allow you to define the service level you require and pay-as-you-go for the resources and capacity that you actually use.

But we are not a Start-up…

Most enterprises have data centers, servers and IT solutions already in place, and a wholesale switch to a new hosting technology, would involve significant business risk, however, Teleco South Florida can help you review your infrastructure and identify opportunities where Cloud Computing is a good fit and allow your IT department to focus on value added and business critical activities instead of tedious, repetitive maintenance upgrades.

Teleco South Florida experienced IT consultants can review your product and services offerings and identify “Point solutions” within your enterprise that provide useful opportunities to get your feet wet and implement a Cloud computing solution fully utilizing the low capital investment and quick start up potential of this medium. We can also advise on innovative uses of Cloud Computing, not simply hosting software and customer facing applications, but assessing whether you should implement initiatives such as a Disaster Recovery Solution which brings intrinsic off-site redundancy and business continuity solutions.

Teleco’s staff has the experience and skill-set to think outside of the box to identify these strategic opportunities to implement solutions with Cloud Computing, allowing your company to refocus and utilize their core existing software, hardware, and human resources on their core services and products providing additional economies of scale.

Strategically identifying these opportunities for leveraging the Cloud Computing model will provide your Enterprise with the increased agility in the marketplace that will enable you to beat your competition to the market in key initiatives. The flexibility to quickly retool and implement when the CEO calls with the next new product offering.

Don’t Delay

Flying to the Cloud is not just for the new start up, Teleco can help you leverage Cloud Computing to focus your IT budget where you will experience the most Return On Investment. Call us to today at 800-940-0944 or email us at info@telecosouthflorida.com, let us review your situation and identify whether Cloud Computing will be a good fit for you.